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Episode 88: This Stove is Hot!

November 26, 2014

In Episode 88, Brock & Ben (via email) return to assess another busy week of offseason baseball.  After taking an early detour into switching uniforms & alcohol & MLB, the guys settle in to revisit all the activity of the week since the last episode.  Coverage focuses primarily on the most significant transactions, in particular the Red Sox’ dual signings of Pablo Sandoval & Hanley Ramirez.  There’s more than enough time to touch on the less marquee signings, as well, though.  The guys touch on Kyle Seager’s extension with the Mariners, the White Sox’ recent signings – Adam LaRoche & Zach Duke, the A’s recent signings – Billy Butler & Ike Davis – & the Dodgers’ recent acquisitions – Joel Peralta & Juan Nicasio.  The Giancarlo Stanton extension also finds its way back onto the podcast as the guys reassess the contract in light of the significant backloading it features.  The podcast closes with a brief assessment of the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot.

Episode 87: Big Monday

November 18, 2014

In Episode 87, Brock returns to the podwaves alone, his hand forced by the confluence of momentous announcements from the baseball world.  With Giancarlo Stanton’s record-setting extension with the Miami Marlins, Russell Martin signing with the Toronto Blue Jays & the St. Louis Cardinals & Atlanta Braves pulling off a significant trade – Jason Heyward & Jordan Walden for Shelby Miller & Tyrell Jenkins – Monday was one of the busiest single non-meeting (GM or Winter) days in recent offseason history.  Brock breaks it all down, along with Victor Martinez resigning with the Detroit Tigers, A.J. Burnett returning to the Pittsburgh Pirates & the various minor trades that have dotted the MLB landscape the past week.  While Ben is unable to join for recording, he is present via previously relayed thoughts on all the major transactions.  Bob from Taiwan also makes a return, weighing in on the Twins’ managerial change.

Episode 86: The Even Empire & the Hot Stove

November 7, 2014

In Episode 86, Brock & Ben cover the momentous, the intriguing, the tragic & the face palming events of the past week in baseball.  Before digging into more comparatively trivial topics, the guys take a moment to remember Oscar Taveras & Edilia Arvelo & pay their respects.  Brock & Ben then recap the World Series, trying to contextualize Madison Bumgarner’s impressive performance, joining the conversation surrounding the penultimate play of Game 7 & looking ahead for both the Royals & the Giants.  After a herculean effort by Brock to keep Ben from turning the episode into a 7-hour Giants podcast, the guys turn their attention to the offseason.  The focus falls primarily on the intriguing front office & managerial moves that have characterized the first week of the offseason – Joe Maddon to the Cubs, Paul Molitor to the Twins & Farhan Zaidi & Josh Byrnes to the Dodgers.  The guys then turn their attention to player movement, discussing the few small trades, the qualifying offer class & an option or two, closing the episode with a few words on the Gold Gloves.

Good Night Sweet Prince: Oscar Taveras 1992-2014

October 27, 2014
AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chris Lee

Sometimes, events transpire that make the hits & outs we imbue with such significance seem trivial by comparison.  Oscar Taveras & his girlfriend Edilia Arvelo died today in a car accident in the Dominican Republic.  A tragedy in both human & baseball terms.  Rest in peace Oscar & Edilia.  

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Episode 85: BBQ Garlic Fries?

October 21, 2014

World Series

In Episode 85, Brock & Ben really tighten their focus.  Gone are the extraneous (if always interesting) news items you’re used to hearing on an episode of The Baseball Diaspora.  Instead, the guys limit themselves to a single  non-playoff topic – Andrew Friedman’s hiring as President of Baseball Operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers – before digging back in on the playoffs.  After a brief recap of the American League Championship Series, Brock & Ben do a postmortem on the series closest to their hearts, the National League Championship Series.  To Ben’s delight & Brock’s dismay, the guys painstakingly revisit the series in detail.  The guys then turn their attention to the upcoming World Series, previewing each team’s strengths & vulnerabilities before making their picks.  You’ll never guess who Ben took to come out on top.

Episode 84, Part 2: Royals-Orioles & Whatever the Other Matchup Is

October 11, 2014

In Part 2 of Episode 84, Brock & Ben dive in to discuss the ongoing playoffs.  After assessing the departed LDS participants in light of the outcome of the first round, the guys turn their attention to the in progress Kansas City-Baltimore American League Championship Series.  The guys discuss the matchup & make their picks, then try to find something to say about the National League Championship Series between old what’s their name & who’s their butt.  As longtime listeners might expect, Brock & Ben have plenty of insight into the matchup between their St. Louis Cardinals & San Francisco Giants.  The guys go back & forth assessing both the strengths & flaws of their own teams & each others.  You’ll never guess who each picks to win the series.

Episode 84, Part 1: Multitasking Orioles & Sabermetric Broadcasts

October 11, 2014

In Episode 84, Brock & Ben return to preview the League Championship Series & look back at the lessons of the Division Series.  In Part 1, the guys do the Numbers Game & the news of the week.  Topics include J.J. Hardy’s extension with the Balitmore Orioles, player reaction to the new pace rules MLB plans to test at the Arizona Fall League, John Rocker’s flameout on Survivor & the exciting news of a parallel sabermetric broadcast being offered for Game 1 of the National League Championship Series.  Please join us for Part 2, where Brock & Ben really dig into the ALCS & NLCS.